Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This Christmas was just perfect. The air in our house was just full of joy this holiday season. Thankful.
Tiny princess opened pretty much every present I put under the tree.
Hudson just screeched of excitement every time he saw baby Jesus. Even his all boy mentality thought about him. With the most serious look on his face he asked "momma do you think baby Jesus poops in the potty?" Yes son I do so you should always to.
Family photos were a joke this year. 3 attempts and this is by far the winner. I will get a Christmas card out with all 5 of us next year! I may need to start trying soon;)
I'm always a sucker and let them open a present...or three early.
Love holiday baking for friends and family!
My girls on Christmas Eve at Brandon's grandparents. 
Tried for a pic with the boy...,
This crane was worth every penny. Keeps him occupied for hours. {TRAIN LOVER}
This little bit had a great 1st Christmas! Looking forward to many more with my sweet family.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ugly sweater love.

Melissa and Kristen had their annual chrsitmas party Tuesday. So much fun!!! We took a little trip to savers so I could find the perfect ugly sweater.
Found this little gem. It was deceiving because it has pumpkins and apples on it but the bear is wearing a Christmas sweater and skirt. I guess when you shell out big bucks on nice sweaters you want it to last you from fall to Christmas?!
So I just used my glue gun to jazz it up a bit. Added a little joy from my wrapping paper. Glued some presents on there. And glued a mini Christmas tree ornament over the apple tree. Oh and did I forget to mention the bears skirt lifted up?! So of course I had to add a little holiday cheer to her underwear;)
I told the girls I was going to write ho ho ho. But thought it might be a tad risqué!
We had to "sell" our shirts to win. So happy jade was able to catch me modeling my awesome sweater in this lovely pose. Proud of my ugly sweater it one first prize. It was close though. Erin's cat sweater was fierce!
These ladies are so fun! Thankful for their friendship.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow days.

And by snow days I mean FIVE snow days!! I can't remember ever having that many days of snow in Arkansas. 
We have played in the snow multiple multiple times!!! Hudson never says he's cold while he's in the snow because he's   afraid I will make him go in.
He would stay out as long as I would let him! 
We have brought bowls and bowls of snow inside. Made snow ice cream. Had snowball fights. If it involves snow we have probably done it!
It was my bright idea to bring it in the house and then I spill it everywhere!!!
Hudson is going to be mighty sad when it melts. And I may be a tad sad because he will do anything I saw for a bowl of snow! I may just have to freeze some!?;)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sibling love

Just a little coloring:) Love how much she loves him. She really goes out of her way for him. 
He has to do everything his sissy does! Love hearing him yell up the stairs for her. If he wants her he just stands on the bottom stair and yells "kiiiiinwe" in the cutest voice you have ever heard.
My girls!:) They have such the age gap but I pray they have a close bond even so. 
Building canned good towers. I may have two future architects right there:)
And of course the two littles are just crazy about each other. Hudson refers to her as the tiny princess or Analyn Kate. And when people talk to her he makes sure to say that's HIS baby! He's a tad possessive but what good big brother isn't?!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Analyn Kate

Never thought I would have a blue eyed baby! But I do:) love her bright blues!She loves playing in the pantry just like Hudson did. 
I think she just looks like a baby doll in this picture! 
She is PICKY!!! I tried every baby food you could imagine. Store bought. Home made. Baby cereals. Applesauce. But she HATES them all.
But she loved biscuits and gravy!! So I guess we will just skip baby food and move on to the good stuff! I think it's a texture thing. She won't eat banana baby food but will eat almost an entire banana.
She took a good nap after getting her belly full at Cracker Barrel:)
She loves her daddy and that warms my heart!!! She says dada! My first kid who didnt say mama first. Guess I can't be too mad since he's a pretty awesome daddy;)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Tiny princess had her 6 month check up. Still tiny:) just long and skinny! She's pretty much nothing but legs!
And boy does she know how to use those legs!!! She goes everywhere! She tried pulling up on our bathroom door and it swung open and got her eye:( Resulting in her first baby boo boo.
And this boy is wilder than EVER!!! He's always been a pretty easy kid. But he's turned 3 and the switch was flipped to full on rough wild loud onrey boy and it's never went back!!! 
Don't let this innocent picture fool you times have been wild at the Hardcastle house! Many spankings and sessions in the corner. None of which seem to phase him!
And the teenager well she's happy when you give her mcdonalds. She had to have a snack during our two store shopping trip or she might just starve to death!
Again pure sweetness for this pic. Only lasted a minute before Hudson stood up and did a full on wrestlers power drive right onto kinleys stomach.
Ahhh sweet nap time... Also know as the only time mom can go to the bathroom without an audience.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pinterest fail

I have gotten some great ideas off Pinterest. Great recipes. Crafts. Kids activities. 

Like this weeks mops craft 2x4 pumpkins turned out super cute.
Even cuter in person. This picture was of course after Hudson roughed up my perfectly tied ribbon. 

But last night was my first Pinterest FAIL. Kinley wanted her hair curly for school the next day. Her hair is so thick and heavy it just doesn't hold curl well. So we tried the headband curling pin... 
Took me 30 minutes to roll up all this hair!  She slept in it overnight. Then this morning I had a very sad teenager in my room! Those curls were tighter than michael Jackson's! Hilarious looking! (She wouldn't allow a pic!) and not only was it curly it was about 10 times it's normal WIDTH!!! It was hard for me to quit laughing long enough to fix it!
This was the after pic from the tutorial and I assure you it looked nothing close to this! So if anyone has any good hair curling tips I obviously need them:)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

3 year check up.

My sweet boy had his three year check up this week. Healthy as can be. The doctor said how happy he was to see such healthy kids like mine. He had seen some rough cases that morning. Hudson has never even had to take an antibiotic yet which is rare he said. So thankful for healthy happy kids!

The check up couldn't have been complete without a little embarrassment though!
Hudson told Dr Cheshire we made cookies for the dentist but none for the dr sorry! Ha 
As he was getting his blood pressure taken for the first time ever he asked the nurse if she was trying to squeeze his muscles off! And the crown jewel of the appointment...as the doctor is checking him out down below Hudson exclaimed be careful my weenie is full!!! Ugh I just said Hudson do you need to potty and of course he replys yup it's too full and I need to poot hard! 
Yup he's ALL BOY!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

What filled our week

Two of my sweet friends came over to help me paint for an upcoming mops project.
These kids were great! They all just played while us mommas painted 150 pieces of wood! Hudson loved being the older kid for once. He may have enjoyed bossing Paxton a little too much;)
My hope is for us to make 2x4 pumpkins similar to this. I'm bad with getting big craft ideas in my head because making one is simple but when you prep for 40+ women it gets a little time consuming! Thankful Becky and Mary came to help me. But they may never again after all the work I made them do! Ha
Me and little miss had to grocery shop in the rain! She's such the trooper.
Kinley def fills her role as big sis well. Hudson loves tunnels and bridges so Kinley just became a bridge for him.
Last night he yelled "Kinley hold me!" So of course she did! She told me to take a pic because it's rare he's that still for her.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hudson had his best Halloween yet! Tuesday he refused to wear his costume to school so I was worried he wouldn't wear it all! He told me no thanks you wear it every time I tried to put it on him:)
The night started like this! He kept trying to pull it off!! Put tow-mater back on the hanger he yelled! 
But after sissy told him how great he looked he was all about it! Kinley & her friend wore their boyfriends jerseys to be football players. Oh my so not ready for boyfriend days!!!!
The first house we went to had an adult dressed up in a horse costume that had blood red eyes that glowed! It was kinda freaky! It scared my poor huddy buddy. Every house we went to he said thank you for my more candy and that horse scared my eyes! He's still talking about how scared his eyes were;)
Sweet boy had a blast and big sis did to. Even though she's just in it for the candy;)