Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First shiner!

Last week we planned a girls day! Me, Kinley, my mom, sister and Hilary spent the day shopping in NWA. It was so nice to shop without whipping out the stroller and not having to worry about H open the dressing room door while I'm changing! Not to mention to eat an entire meal without little hands all over my food;) but mid way thru the day I got a text from B saying Hudson had blacked his eye!!! Not gonna lie I might have teared up a bit!!! Daddy felt terrible that the one day I leave him in charge he takes a massive fall! But oh well that's just part of being a wild boy! It might be his first black eye and I'm sure it won't be the last! But I must say he's the cutest black eyed boy I've ever seen:)!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Branson Weekend!

We spent our Memorial weekend in Branson with Brandon's family. We had a great time shopped ( love the outlet malls!), ate some great food, went to silver dollar city- just a jam packed weekend of fun!:) I was pretty shocked how fearless Hudson was at SDC! He rode any ride he could, ran thru ice cold sprinklers, you name it he did it! My favorite part of SDC was the frozen strawberry lemonade-yumm!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

19 months...

Oh Hudson James I cannot believe you are 19 months old!!!

You weigh around 23 pounds maybe a little more.

Your favorite food is pizza! I can put anything on a pizza crust & you will eat it! Squash, zucchini, kale! You name it! If it has bread, cheese, and pizza sauce you are good to go.

You LOVE anything outdoors! I have a feeling it will be a long hot summer for us!

You can say a few new sentences now:
I go with Dada. (you love doing anything with dada!)

I do it please. You say this all the time because there are something's you must do yourself or you get mad!

You also just started saying "no no" oh my word not even two and your already telling me no!

You love your cousin Easton! You just light up when you see him! Yelling baby eas! You are so gentle and sweet with him to:)

Loving every minute with this little man! He just gets sweeter by the day and maybe more ornery and rambunctious to!;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Mother's day ever!!

Today was jammed packed from the minute we woke up we have been on the go! First my sweet family surprised me with a wonderful gift:) then a great church service followed by a huge lunch with awesome desserts! Then we headed up the hill for a birthday party for one of our favorite girls!

But it wasn't the gifts or being catered to or spending the day by the pool that made it the best. It was Kinley.

She has always had a big heart but she really just made me so proud today. She insisted on buying my mom this razorback shirt that my mom had mentioned she wanted. I said no babe I've already got her something. She said ya but I want to buy her this with my money because she always gets me stuff. So I course I then said ok but I will pay for it don't spend your money. But she INSISTED!!! Then she wrote a letter to Brandon's mom that brought tears to my eyes. It was just the most heart felt loving letter I have ever read. I couldn't ask for anything more from her, she makes being a mom so amazing. So seeing my baby girl be this heartfelt giving loving caring person is without a doubt the best gift I received this Mother's day! Some days I wonder how she turned out so great!?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Table manners

Friday night we decided to go out to eat and we ended up eating Mexican (our fav!). Well they sat us at a booth where Hudson was about 6 inches away from the table and three inches to low. I was feeling brave so I just tossed him in the booth with me. it was going great at first he was eating his chips & cheese dip so well, saying tank to momma (thank you) for every chip or drank I gave him. Then came the food...we had ordered fajitas. Hudson was very intrigued by the smoking plate! So much so that he yelled ME BITE, meaning give it to me now!!! Lunging across the table he lands his entire belly in his plate of beans followed by one had in the chip basket and the other in the salsa!!! Massive mess!!!! Of course I only had two wipes and no spare clothes! But Hudson didn't let that ruin his dinner he just grabbed a chip scooped the beans off his shirt and ate them!! Never a dull moment these days!!! He and I were both a raging mess by the end of dinner but he did say thank you, said his food was good then wiped his mouth by himself. His table manners have a ways to go but for a 1 year old I think he's doing pretty good;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back at the shack!

Well another weekend has came and went! We got in a lot of family time this weekend. Lunch with my mother-in-law yesterday then dinner with Brandon's entire family that night.
We made our first family trip of the year back to our favorite sno-cone stand, the sugar shack! We all love that place! Hudson and I might have snuck over there by ourselves one day last week but we won't tell sissy that!;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Relaxing weekend.

This past weekend was just so relaxed and laid back! I loved that we had nothing planned and just kinda did spur of the moment random things:)

We started off Saturday morning at the farmers market then walked around downtown to the carousel & a few stores. Went to toys r us and grabbed a few snacks for Hudson then met my inlaws for lunch. I got to see my two sweet nephews:) then headed home for naps. We did some things around the house. It was just a great lazy relaxing Saturday!