Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mopped before MOPs

Wednesday mornings are always rushed in our house. This Wednesday was no different.

Brandon had been telling me our bathrooms always smell like pee. So I started cleaning the toilets more often. Mopping daily. Using Clorox wipes after Hudson was in there. And it still smelled like a urinal! So as we are about to leave to meet our mops group at cicis I find Hudson in my bathroom just hosing my wall!!! I mean I didn't even know a kid could pee this much?! I swear he was aiming for the light switch it was so high!! So I had to do a quick mop job and scrub my walls before we left! Ugh life with my boy!:)
So we made it to cicis right on time, even after clean up;) We had over 30 kids there ready to make their own pizzas!
They all had a blast. And for that many kids it was pretty calm and all so well behaved.
My sweet boy might have been the wildest:) he was tossing his pizza dough in the air yelling "look out below here comes my pizza dough!" He's lost some of his shyness lately.
That look on his is the best.<3 we had such a great time. I love our mops group and all Hudson's little buddies.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quick trip.

We made a quick trip to Branson. Hudson had been asking to go back to dollar city, just real quick momma please?. Big sister had plans so we loaded up the littles and went for the night.
We love the landing! We strolled. Shopped. And ate. The kids love to watch the water show.
They always have a great time in these rides. No one tell them that if you put a quarter in them they actually go! Haha
Oh the sunken mine... If this was an airplane we would have some serious frequent flier miles. He loves it! Daddy does to because he's always comparing our scores. Of course mine is always lower. But I blame that on Analyn. Surely if I wasn't holding her I would beat him;)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Life is busy. And messy.

Life lately has been a whirlwind of going going going. And cleaning up mess after mess. But I love it!
Dinner time is always a mess. No question. She could eat a pea and still find a way to get it all over her.
Dinner out is interesting. The girl loves to eat. What she doesn't love is waiting for her order to get to the table. Or sitting still. And obviously we haven't mastered table manners yet. #nofeetonthetable
These were in the pantry on the second shelf. The pantry door was closed. I go to the bathroom for less than two minutes and come back to this! She's lucky she's so cute:))
Then there was this... Yes a bicycle air pump in my toilet. This has happened to other moms right?!? I went to put laundry up in the bathroom and found it. Both littles laughed when I showed them. Neither confessed. Hudson said it was a tree and it grew there. Analyn just had her devilish grin.
The boy asked to wash his hands. But it turned into a sink over flowing with bubbles. I decided to let it go and let him play in it. It keep him occupied for about 20 minutes. That's definitely worth a little water on the counter to me.
He can never just have a few of anything out. It's all or nothing in every aspect of his life. So that's about 250 tiny foam stickers. It's quite possible Analyn ate one.. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

This crazy life.

Analyn had her first trip to the sugar shack. (Our family obsession May-August) It's safe to say she loved it.
She also had her first encounter with Bliss cupcakes this side of the womb. She throughly enjoyed it as well. She really loved the frosting shot that big sis gave her.
They weren't pumped about grocery shopping this day. Can ya tell??
A little snack at the Target cafe.
Just going over dad's W-2's from previous years.
When teething strikes (7 teeth at once I might add!) you do whatever it takes to keep them happy. Even dipping pb straight out of the jar with their tiny baby fingers.
She was less than thrilled being "trapped" she's much more of a go-er than a watcher.
We had Popsicles for breakfast one day. He loved me a lot that day.;)
And if I teach my kids nothing else they will know it's ok to not sweat the small stuff and just dance in the rain. It all dries out in the end.;)

Rainy day catch up.

Since everyone is napping on this rainy Sunday I will play catch up on the blog.
Me and the littles before church a few weeks ago. I love little miss's outfit.
Always mommys babies until daddy's home:)
My oldest baby has grown!! High school starts in two short months. Crazy. Not ready.
Bean burritos & cheese dip for breakfast. Some days you don't fight the battle.
Grocery shopping with these two is something else....
And I guess you're never too young or too old for selfies in moms bed.
Spaghetti is good.

Analyn lately.

The girl baby before church this morning. I told her she looked beautiful. Brother told her that her shirt was too big and it looked wediculous.
She was not happy with his comment.
I always get a kick out of seeing Analyn eating snacks at church. She's just sitting there like she's 4! 
She has a baby temper. She cries. Throws fits. And is a tad wild. Ok buck wild at times. 
All this emotion was because her yogurt was gone. Did I mention this girl loves food?! I mean this kid E-A-T-S!
She also makes massive messes 5,000 times a day. She is a tiny tornado! But look at that innocent face!:) can't help but love that feisty girl!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

School year wrap up.

We are FINALLY about to be done with school for the summer! Hudson finished Thursday and Kinley will finish this Friday.
Kinley made the faculty roll. SO proud. She is just effortlessly smart in so many areas. Much better student than her dear old mom:)
Here's Hudson on his last day of MDO. They had a huge carnival party. Bounce around. Giant slides. Balloon artist. Face painting. Cotton candy machine. I mean just to name a few?! They had a blast!
Some of the boys enjoying their snocones. Hudson asked for a Razorback from the sugar shack! We may go there too often:))
He slept great after all the wild running and climbing he did that day.