Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mopped before MOPs

Wednesday mornings are always rushed in our house. This Wednesday was no different.

Brandon had been telling me our bathrooms always smell like pee. So I started cleaning the toilets more often. Mopping daily. Using Clorox wipes after Hudson was in there. And it still smelled like a urinal! So as we are about to leave to meet our mops group at cicis I find Hudson in my bathroom just hosing my wall!!! I mean I didn't even know a kid could pee this much?! I swear he was aiming for the light switch it was so high!! So I had to do a quick mop job and scrub my walls before we left! Ugh life with my boy!:)
So we made it to cicis right on time, even after clean up;) We had over 30 kids there ready to make their own pizzas!
They all had a blast. And for that many kids it was pretty calm and all so well behaved.
My sweet boy might have been the wildest:) he was tossing his pizza dough in the air yelling "look out below here comes my pizza dough!" He's lost some of his shyness lately.
That look on his is the best.<3 we had such a great time. I love our mops group and all Hudson's little buddies.

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