Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My oh my...

Do you ever have those day where everything goes wrong?! Well that was today for me!!! Thankfully I have an awesome best friend who always knows how to make me laugh( even if it is laughing at my own silly mistakes Lol).

I have spilled applesauce everywhere then shoved it up Hudson's nose!

I almost got ran over by a cement truck only to then almost get blown off the road by a semi!

Hudson had an allergic reaction to his MMR shot & has spots all over his sweet face, which has me distraught!!!

We went to eat & they forgot to cook my food!

The buttons on my shirt even got tangled in the strings on my couch pillows and ripped it!

And this is just some of the small things! The list just goes on and on!!! Glad I had Amber with me, who made me laugh at all of these things today. Otherwise it could have been a rough day!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Monday!

I'm really not a Monday person. I don't usually get a lot done on this day for some reason but today has been the exception!!! We have been very productive today and I'm pretty happy about it:) of course I couldn't have done it without my little helper!

LOVE that sweet sweet smile!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soooo spoiled!

Today is one of the days where I realize I am one spoiled momma and may take how easy my kids are for granted?!?

Hudson decided to start his day at 4:30 this morning!!!! I tried everything in my power to get him to sleep- but failed! Then 7 came around and the rest of the family was up so there was def no going back to sleep. After everyone was gone I tried again and again... Finally I gave up and just decided to make breakfast. I'm partly ashamed to say how many slices of cinnamon toast I had!?! But I can justify it because I was stress eating from my lack of sleep;) He decided he would take his nap at 11:00 so we both took a nap today!

Today made me realize how blessed I am to have a baby that has pretty much slept 12 hours a night since birth! It also made me realize how cranky I would be if I didn't get a full nights sleep!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Edge

The past couple Sundays we have went to the Edge service at First Baptist Greenwood. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the very front row is full of young boys probably ranging in age from 13-17. You don't see that often and the boys don't just sit there, they worship. Hands held high full heartedly praising God. This is what I want for my son.

Kinley loves the Lord with all her heart and I love seeing that in her eyes and in her actions and can't wait to see it in Hudson's!

"I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the truth"
3 John 1:4

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Great week!

We had a busy but great week! Monday thru Wednesday we ran a lot of errands and worked on stuff for Baby Easton's shower. Thursday I went to a girls night at a sweet friends house. I always have such a great time with these girls, lots of laughs!!!:)

Friday was Hudson's 15 month check up & shots. He did great. Doctor said he's a very healthy boy. Just growing to fast if you ask me!!

Saturday we had friends over for dinner. Pizza, cheese dip, dessert and wild kids what more could you want out of a Saturday night?!

Today the kids got up early but Brandon slept in so me & the kids had breakfast in Kinley's bed before church. Now I'm hoping for an afternoon nap....we shall see;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK day

Since Kinley was out of school for Martin Luther King day we decided to hit up chuck e cheese. We met the Hogan girls there along with half of fort smith! Guess everyone had that idea!! The kids had a blast! I could barely keep up with Hudson, he was the most hyper I have ever seen a baby!!! Screaming, laughing, throwing his hands in there, just running wild:) and I loved it! Kinley took him up in the jungle gym thing and down the big slide and he just crawled thru it like he owned the place.

I love days where I just get to spend the entire day doing nothing but spend time with the kidos. But since I did nothing yesterday....lots to do today!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No more tears

This morning Hudson decided to get up at 6:15!!! Ugh that is way to early in this house. He was only up for a quick glass of milk then I rocked him back to sleep. As I was rocking him I just prayed he wouldn't cry when I dropped him off in the church nursery. He has started this cry when you leave thing over the past month and it BREAKS MY HEART!!! So when I was getting him dressed I told him he needed to be a brave little man of God and not cry. And guess what?!? He didn't!!! Went right in the door and started playing! Just made my day! Love an answered prayer:)

Friday, January 13, 2012

A week with friends.

This week went by super fast!!! We mainly spent the week with friends and family. It was nice getting together and just letting the kids play and have some adult conversation:) We also had MOPS this week. We had a great speaker and had lots of laughs! Weeks like this where I get to just watch Hudson play with friends or explore the play place just make me love being home even more!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a little blessing

I have witnessed the kindness of strangers in other peoples lives and I've got to help strangers before but today a complete stranger blessed me! Talk about making you feel good!!

Amber and I took the kids to eat at a pizza place. (Hudson loves the banana pudding off the buffets!) when we walked in a man probably in his early 60's was telling us how cute the kids were & off course Hudson was flashing his smile and saying "hi". He talked to me for awhile. He told me that tomorrow he and his wife would celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary. I told him I hoped they had a great anniversary, then he left. Shortly after our waitress came over an took our ticket and told us that gentleman had bought both our lunches!!! I couldn't believe it! She might have thought we were crazy because tears filled our eyes! She said he told them he remembered having babies around the holidays and just wanted to do something nice. And he did!!

I've seen people do that so many times and thought how awesome it was but just that someone did that for me shocked me! I told Amber that it wasn't so much that he paid for our meal but that I just felt like that was God saying hey have a great day!!! Maybe that sounds silly but I've been stressing over something and in that instance I just felt peaceful. I can't wait to do the same for someone else!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy love

Heavenly Father, thank You for your grace. Your forgiveness is SO good that I struggle with believing it at times. Thank you for rescuing me from myself and giving me Your Holy Spirit. Your love is better than life... This is just a mere glimpse into the book Crazy love by Francis Chan.

So I bought this book 2 new years ago!!! Brandon and I always read books as part of new years resolutions it seems! Shortly after I bought this book I found out I was pregnant. So for the next 9 months I pretty much just ate, slept and threw up! Then after that I had a new born so it's safe to say I never got around to reading it. B did and he loved it!! So I am reading it now. One chapter in and I already felt changes needed to be made!

I think part of having to waiting so long to have Hudson has made me more of a "clingy mom". I pretty much put a lot of my "wants" on the back burner because I just want to hold him, feed him or pretty much just watch him drool! Lol Kinley to, practice, game, school activity-I'm there! I just don't want to miss out. But Sunday night I decided I was having some me time. Filled our jacuzzi tub (that has not been used since before I was pregnant!) and grabbed this book and just relaxed for awhile- it was so nice!!! Made me realize I need to do the little things like that more often, makes me happy. And we all know: happy wife, happy life:) so that is another little resolution of mine is just to carve a little time out of the day for me:)