Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a little blessing

I have witnessed the kindness of strangers in other peoples lives and I've got to help strangers before but today a complete stranger blessed me! Talk about making you feel good!!

Amber and I took the kids to eat at a pizza place. (Hudson loves the banana pudding off the buffets!) when we walked in a man probably in his early 60's was telling us how cute the kids were & off course Hudson was flashing his smile and saying "hi". He talked to me for awhile. He told me that tomorrow he and his wife would celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary. I told him I hoped they had a great anniversary, then he left. Shortly after our waitress came over an took our ticket and told us that gentleman had bought both our lunches!!! I couldn't believe it! She might have thought we were crazy because tears filled our eyes! She said he told them he remembered having babies around the holidays and just wanted to do something nice. And he did!!

I've seen people do that so many times and thought how awesome it was but just that someone did that for me shocked me! I told Amber that it wasn't so much that he paid for our meal but that I just felt like that was God saying hey have a great day!!! Maybe that sounds silly but I've been stressing over something and in that instance I just felt peaceful. I can't wait to do the same for someone else!!!

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  1. I love this! When I read your facebook status about it yesterday, I thought "God allowed that to happen as a way of saying 'Don't Worry - I take good care of what I own'!" He always provides! :)