Friday, January 25, 2013


This past Wednesday Michelle Duggar was our guest speaker at MOPS. I have never watched her show really knew nothing about the lady other than all my friends said she was super mom!

Let me just say I LOVE HER!!! She was such an inspiration on every level! I left there knowing I was going to make some changes! She just radiates Godliness. So thankful to have heard her speak. Now I still don't know how she handles that many kids but she does it with grace!

When I mentioned to our steering team about asking her to speak I just thought people would enjoy her because of the show (she's Arkansas royalty ya know;)). I never imagined she would touch my life in the way she did. She def gained a new fan in me:)

Friday, January 18, 2013


We have started the room changing process! We moved Kinley upstairs into what she calls her "teen loft". We had her some cute furniture painted a fun aqua color and some new chevron bedding. Just need some curtains made and maybe something for the walls and its complete! She asked for a mini fridge?! I quickly said NO to that bc I would never see her if she didn't have to come down for food! Lol

Hudson is staying in his same room but we got him new furniture which included a full size bed. He looks so big yet tiny in that big bed! We are doing a train room for him. The transition from crib to big boy bed was great the first couple weeks but this past week has been challenging! He has got up several times in the night wanting me to come in his bed. Once I woke up at 8 in the morning in his bed and don't remember going in there at all!! He got up at 3 am once came to my bed and said "hey momma wanna play choo choo's?" Umm no son I don't!!! Hoping this waking up junk passes quickly because this momma highly values her sleep:)

Analyn's room is next on my to do list. We have the crib and dresser up and that's about it. Gotta get going just a tad over two months left!!:)