Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hanging up the Pom poms.

Well Miss Kinley has decided not to try out for cheer for next year. This will be her first year since she was four not to be cheering!!!! I will miss seeing her out on the field she was always so fun to watch just full of spirit:)! She has decided she would like to start tennis lessons instead. Which I think she will love and that's something she and I could do together so I am looking forward to that! Now we are into track season and I can't wait to see her in her first track meet:)!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday!

You know you have a good friend when they drive an hour just to meet you for lunch! The whole ride home Hudson kept saying "bye bye Jane Jane". So sweet!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good day, great friends.

We got to spend today with two of our sweet friends. We had breakfast at chickfila , did a little shopping, then had yogurt at cherry berry. The kids had a blast playing at the play place.

Hudson growls (yes kinda weird I know) he even talks in this funny growly voice sometimes. So anytime you ask Lucy Jane what does Hudson say she says "rawr"!!! Cracks me up!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

16 months!

Well I have tried to stop it....but Hudson just keeps getting bigger!!! Everyday is just an adventure with this wild child and I love it!

Seeing him run is about the cutest thing ever.

He poses every time he sees me whip out the camera- such a ham!

He calls me Mum! Not sure where he picked up his british accent!! If he wants food he will say momma but other than that I'm happily referred to as Mum:)

His favorite food is mandarin oranges.

LOVES to play ball!

Kinley is probably his favorite person on this earth and I'm ok with that;) his eyes are just full of love when he sees his sissy! When he tries to say Kinley it comes out like Kinny.

These are just a few of the Hudson stats for the month:)

Monday, February 13, 2012


We had Easton's shower this past Saturday. Kristen got lots of great stuff! Seeing all those tiny clothes an diapers sure makes me have some baby fever!!!;)

Kristen's only request was no silly games. You know, like measuring toilet paper around the moms belly! Nothing makes you feel bigger than your friends rolling out a entire roll to wrap around your baby bump! So I got lots of wooden baby blocks & we had guests sign them with a special message to Easton. Then we drew several names out for prizes. It was a nice way to give guests a gift without playing a real game.

These are a few pictures I snapped from my phone while we were setting up:)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cousin Ty

My nephew came over this week while Kristen had her doctor's appointment. Ty is just a little parrot, it's so funny! I always call him Ty-Ty. So as soon as he saw me he said " hi Ashy it Ty-Ty" so cute:) Watching him and Hudson play together is hilarious!!! You just never know what these two will do or say! Not much longer and Ty will be a big brother- can't wait!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heeey Sissy...

Hudson has recently discovered the upstairs room. I never go up there it's mainly just for Brandon and Kinley that is their game room. I took him up there the other day while they were up there playing ( big mistake!) and I think he realized how much fun they were having without him! So now poor Hudson will stand at the baby gate yelling "Sissy heeey Sissy!!"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Girls day!!!

Saturday was a day of shopping and eating for us! Me, Kinley, my Mother-in-law , and sister-in-law headed to Tulsa for a little girls day! It was so nice just spending some time with them especially my Kinley!

We did a lot of shopping to prepare for baby Easton's arrival which is getting so close!!!! We had lunch at Ted's Mexican, one of our favs!!! Followed by more shopping then yogurt at Cherry berry, another fav:) ( so pumped we are getting one here!) .

Great day but I sure missed my boys!! Hudson screamed momma as soon as we walked in the door but as soon as he saw sissy he quickly bypassed me for Kinley!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


To all the people who told me there is something different between a mother and a son than that of a daughter and I told you I didn't believe it- I was wrong!!! There is something there can't even explain but it's great!!!

Kinley is my mini-me my little BFF. And Hudson is my little baby man!!! So thankful to get to experience raising both a boy and a girl.

We played at chickfila today, so fun. I sure love watching Hudson explore that place. Although today I did have to get him down off a few things! He was climbing a little to high for this nervous momma! We looked over and the boys are just sitting there sweet as could be so we def needed a pic. I don't think you could ask for sweeter boys than this!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feelin' crafty!

Today was full of laughs and crafts!!! I recruited Amber to help me with all my wild ideas I have for my sister in laws shower next weekend. I'm very bad about not following directions and just "winging" it so parts of today were comical at the least:).

I am pretty impressed with most of it but....there is one project that might be a big ol flop!!! Oh well trial & error!

I will post pics of all of our creations after the shower. Can't give Kristen any sneak peeks;)