Sunday, February 24, 2013

33 weeks!

Just six weeks left until we meet our baby girl!!! My Motherinlaw and Sisterinlaw threw us a baby shower yesterday. It was all girl pink pink pink!! Still weird to see all the pink bows frills & tutus right now since I spend my days picking up trains and trucks!

We invited close friends and family. It was so nice to just sit and visit and good food of course:) Analyn got so many cute things!! This girl has a full closet now! I still need to get odds and ends and stock up on diapers. But other than that we may be all ready for her arrival!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Date night.

Brandon's parents asked to keep Hudson for a few hours last night so we decided to run around kid free!! We stopped at sweetbay for hot chocolate & coffee then ran to several stores looking for home decor. Because at 32 weeks pregnant I have decided to redo my entire living room!!!

I'm feeling very crazy at this point simply because I still have to finish Hudson's big boy room and start on Analyn's nursery! Less than 7 weeks!!! That's enough time to redo half my house right?!?

For the living room I am greatly stepping out of my comfort zone. I LOVE all things red but we are doing blues & greens! I sold everything in our living room except a chair & our tables so right now it is very bare! We got a few things accomplished last night: rugs are ordered, two chairs are being made(B had to have a recliner & I hate them so we compromised & got one made that doesn't look like one;)), bought a cute frame for family pics, and my most favorite find these cute pillows that will sit in our two chairs!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

31 weeks!

Can't believe I am a little over 31 weeks now! In a way I feel like I have been pregnant forever but at the same time I feel like it has flown by and I have no time left before she arrives!

Cravings: spinach dip & pita chips. This is a new like for me hated spinach dip before!
3 musketeers bars! Horrible I know but I NEED them!;) I love Brandon a little more each time he brings me one home after work:)
Ice water with crushed ice. Pretty sure I consume way over my needed water intake for the day. But still must have a coke here & there!

Weight gain: I haven't really kept track but pretty sure I will end up weighing way more this pregnancy than the last!! I have NO WILLPOWER. Doesn't matter how full I am if something pops in my head I must eat it!

Maternity clothes: I've had a rough time with clothes. Maternity pants won't stay up on me because my waist is still small since she is curled up in a ball in my rib cage! And my regular jeans button but not comfortable. And me & the Bella band are not friends!!! She has failed me every time I've tried to wear it. Once in Walmart! So if you see me in the same pair of jeggings day after day this is why.