Sunday, February 17, 2013

Date night.

Brandon's parents asked to keep Hudson for a few hours last night so we decided to run around kid free!! We stopped at sweetbay for hot chocolate & coffee then ran to several stores looking for home decor. Because at 32 weeks pregnant I have decided to redo my entire living room!!!

I'm feeling very crazy at this point simply because I still have to finish Hudson's big boy room and start on Analyn's nursery! Less than 7 weeks!!! That's enough time to redo half my house right?!?

For the living room I am greatly stepping out of my comfort zone. I LOVE all things red but we are doing blues & greens! I sold everything in our living room except a chair & our tables so right now it is very bare! We got a few things accomplished last night: rugs are ordered, two chairs are being made(B had to have a recliner & I hate them so we compromised & got one made that doesn't look like one;)), bought a cute frame for family pics, and my most favorite find these cute pillows that will sit in our two chairs!

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