Friday, August 24, 2012

Fair fun!!!

Brandon had a fantasy football draft party and Kinley had a birthday party to go to so Hudson and I headed to the fair with Meme!

He had a blast!!! Loved all the animals.
He talked to them all:
Awww here pig piggy.
Hey cow moooooo
Chick chickens
Babbit bunny
Look dat camma (llama).

We didn't ride any rides but we did pick up several ducks and of course ate some fabulous fair food! Mommas fav:)!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

22 months.

Oh my dear sweet boy you are growing up!!!

You say: that, these, those, this.
Cracks me up to hear you say these words because they just seem like big people words!!!

You melt my heart when you touch my face and say "ohh I wuv (love) you mommy"

You refer to us as mommy & daddy now. Sweetest words ever.

At bedtime you say praise for daddy praise for sissy maymen!

You are obsessed with choo choo's! You told me yesterday you smelled a choo choo!

You can name every part of your body right down to your stinky toes!:)

You just say more & more sentences every day. The baby jabber is slowly fading and it's becoming this little boy spouting this big boy talk.

You saw a picture of yourself as a baby and you said "aww dats baby Hudson!"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heat makes him sleep!

My sweet huddy buddy has never been big on naps but this summer heat has definitely made it easier for me to get him to sleep:) I think playing outside or in the water just wears him out and he can't fight the sleepiness. He has fallen asleep in some out of the ordinary places for him but today topped them all when he fell asleep standing up!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping them pure

As I walked around at Kinley's school orientation tonight I couldn't help but stare. 13 year old girls dressed in shorts so short you could see their panties had they not been wearing THONGS! Black eyeliner caked around their beautiful eyes. Padded bras in their barely there tank tops. I wondered do the moms just not care? Do they not think this is wrong?"

I am very tough on Kinley. I guard her from all I can. Shelter her mind. Cover her body. Protect her heart. I just feel all these things are important to maintain their pure spirits and keep their innocence. My heart aches for girls and women who lose this innocence to early it causes life long scars, I know this firsthand.

Part of me fears this school year. Kinley looks like a baby compared to these girls. I wonder will this hurt her self confidence that I worked so hard to help her build? Or will she stand tall and realize true beauty cannot be painted on that it comes from within? I worry her feelings will get hurt because she will not be that girl that all the boys like and chase after because she won't be doing or wearing things to catch his immature eye. Yet I have no doubt she will be that girl that a man will praise God for everyday for the rest of his life when they marry.

So as we start this school year I have worries, fears and concerns. I also have hope and happiness as I watch my baby girl start her first year of school as a teenager.

As a side note: I am not saying wearing make up or certain clothes etc are wrong but I just think with make up less is more and with clothes the longer the better;)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day date with my best girl:)

With less than two weeks until school starts I knew I needed some Kinley time ASAP! So today my mom kept Hudson while we had a little date with the Hogan girls.

We went to lunch, did a little back to school shopping, then to a movie. I had so much fun just being with my big girl. It made me realize how much she has grown up this summer mentally, physically and spiritually. She makes me more proud every day. I hope I am still able to say that as we enter those dreaded teenage years!!;)

I know that Kinley really enjoyed her day with me as well because I got called the "best mommy ever" on instagram:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday with friends.

We have had such a great week and it ended even better, with some of our favorite friends!

We got brave today and took 5 kids out to eat durning the lunch rush!!! Nothing but laughs:) Then home to let the kids play and to do a little craftin' for Hailey's baby shower.

I am so blessed to have such great friends. One has been a friend for almost 25 years. We have seriously been thru it all and can laugh about every second of it! The other friend I've only know a little over a year but feels like forever! It's so funny because I am the complete opposite of the both of them but we say we just even each other out:) Our kids are the same way. They love each other to pieces and totally compliment each others personalities. So thankful to have these great friendships and I can only pray that my kids will have people like them as friends someday.