Friday, February 18, 2011

Target savings explained!

Ok a lot of people have asked for details on the savings so here goes! Wish I had saved my recipet because I can't remember everything I got but the picture above is some of the best deals I got. For those of you who don't know target will allow you to use two coupons on one product if you have a manufacture coupon & a target coupon. You can get target coupons by going to their website & printing them off & also sign up for their mobile text coupons because they are both different offers. The mobile coupons change weekly but the website coupons probably change every 2-3 weeks.

Kelloggs crunchy nut cereal- reg 2.99 on sale for $2.50 used $1.00 off coupon from sunday paper & $1.50 off coupon from FREE

Similac $5.55 used a $5.00 similac check I got from signing up on .55cents

Hamburger helper-reg $1.50 select flavors on sale for $1.00 used $1.00 off 3 boxes from sunday paper & target coupon for the same= $1.00

Finish dishwashing tablets- reg $2.99 on sale for $2.50 used $1.50 0ff from target & $1.00 from paper= FREE (This is not the normal brand I use b/c it's usually more expensive per load but it was FREE!!!)

Gerber rice cereal- $1.32 used coupon for $1.00 off any gerber product I got in the mail from signing up at 32cents

Taco Bell taco shells & sauce- around $1.00 apiece used a coupon from I printed for $1.50 off any two taco bell products= about 50cents.

Brownie mix- can't remeber how much it was but the coupon was for 60 cents off one box printed from

I also double couponed for some papmers used a $2.50 off coupon I recieved in the mail then a $2.00 coupon I got in target the last time I checked out.

Colgate toothpaste- I think it was $2.08 I used $1.00 any colgate product from the paper & from so it was about 8 cents. ( again not my favorite brand but hey for less than 10 cents I'll use it!)

The rest off the stuff I bought was groceries I can't remember everything but I know I had a coupon for everything except my bread & my coke! MUST have coke!!! They were all small coupons for 30 cents here & there but it sure adds up :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

No nap bender!!!

   Well Mr. Hudson has been protesting naps alllllll week! Yes this sweet little angel has not had a nap since Sunday morning in the church nursery. But  he hasn't been cranky so I've let it slide;) So needless to say I have not gotten anything done around the house this week. So I must start on the laundry soon! We have taken several strolls around the neighborhood enjoying this nice weather! This boy just loves to be outside. We also made a trip to Target, Hudson's 1st time there, he loved it! Actually I think he just loved all the bright lights. I had a great time there to I just love to go look around. I was very proud of myself I got some groceries, diapers, formula, and razors my total was $58.96 then turned in my large stack of coupons and it was $15.83!!! That is probably my favorite thing about target is that you can double coupon there & get a ton of stuff for free or for just a few cents!!! Hudson is starting to give me the eye from across the room so I guess it's bottle time!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well I have just completed my first month as a stay at home mom and I LOVE it!!! It was a very hard decision for me to quit my job & stay home to Brandon it was a no brainer but just the thought of not working scared me for some reason?!? I have always worked sometimes two jobs went to school full time coached all of Kinley's sports team (cheer, soccer,tumbling,competitive cheer) & still found myself bored at times. So on my last day of work I said my goodbyes with tear filled eyes not knowing what the next day would be like. I cried on the way home thinking what did I do I gave up a job that I loved & was very good at I just loved working with the kids. But as soon as I walked in my front door Hudson gave me the biggest smile & the Lord gave me the best sense of peace I have ever had, that was the first time I knew this is exactly what I am meant to do. So with that said this has been one of the best months of my life :) I love spending every minute with this precious baby of mine. I love having dinner made for my sweet family when they get home. I love being able to have a special dessert made for Kinley because she loves it & has a sweet tooth like her mama;) I love being able to spend more time doing my devotional. I love having playdates with all of my sweet friends. But most of all I just love doing what I know God has planned for our family & I have no doubt that this is exactly what he wanted for us!