Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dollar City

This past weekend we decided to spend in Branson. We made the mistake of telling Hudson two days prior to leaving that we were going to Silver Dollar City. 48 hours straight of him asking is it time for dollar city yet?! About made me go insane!;)
Of course little miss had to check out the toilet in the hotel! It's her favorite place to be! Ugh! This was also our last picture with a pacifier! PTL! I hate them but she was a hardcore pacifier addict. So when we were in SDC and lost it I was pretty worried I was in for a nightmare. But she did great and hasn't had it since. We lost it in the half dollar hollar! Lol
Hudson of course had to talk on the hotel phone which he thinks is a toy. Probably because he was born after the home phone era;)
A little cold stone yummy! This was also Analyn's first time to get ice cream. She's a fan:)) she sampled everyone's!
Kinley ran the diva 5k while we were there. She got 1st place in her division and 6th place overall. So proud of this girl! She makes it look so effortless. Makes me think I could do it;))! Ha
They got crowns and feather boas as they crossed the finish line. Analyn loved playing with the crowns.
Of course Hudson talked me into crawling all over the place with him at SDC. And there is a reason that the sign said kids 3-7. There were some pretty tight spots you had to crawl thru!
Kinley and Brandon talked Hudson into this ride. It was a tad scary. He got pretty drenched. He cried for just a minute then was fine and told me how fun it was.
But the look on his face is just priceless!

Such a fun weekend making memories with my little family.