Thursday, June 27, 2013

Simple summer days.

We have had such a relaxing week! Just laid back with no major place to be!
Monday Kinley had a dentist appointment. She will get braces put on next Monday!!! Eekkkk can't believe she's old enough for braces. Then we ran to SAMs for 4 things. It took us an hour to get those four things!
But we might have stopped for pizza then icees. Followed by three bathroom trips. Mainly because Hudson loves to explore public toilets!😜 
Hudson decided he needed to kick back & relax after running around with 3 girls.:)
Just Hudson pretending to be a train while Kinley is his "tunnel". 
And every girl needs 3 dinosaurs in her bed right?! Thank you big brother!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Good as gold.

"Make new friends but keep the old.
Some are silver but some are gold." That's a little saying my grandma use to tell me when I was younger. And it's so true! you make lots of friends over the course of a lifetime. Some are for a season but some are forever. And these three girls have been by my side over 20 years! Crazy! I don't even feel old enough to be able to say that!!! Oh the stories we could tell on each other ;)) 

Colette lives in Florida now so I'm so glad we can all get together when she comes in. We have 10 kids between the 4 of us so we thought it was best we just meet at the mall so the kids could play. It was so nice to enjoy dinner and just talk & laugh.  It felt like high school all over again. Well except maybe when I looked at the time & realized it was 8:00 & thought man I have got to get home it's late! Lol Love our time together. And treasure these friendships so!!
Love how all our wild kids love each other too!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun fun

Since Hudson isn't in school during the summer I have been trying to make sure he still has interaction with kids because even though he is growing out of it a tad he is still a shy little thing!!

Tuesday we went to story time at the library.
They read books and sang songs then had a craft.
They also had a sand box where you could dig for dinosaurs.
Which Hudson loved! It was fun even though all three of us were covered in sand!
Baby sis was just along for the ride:)
Then today we went to the monkey house with our mops group. Fun and a great workout for me;)
And again with the nose picking!
And Analyn again just chilling in her car seat! Thankful for a laid back go with the flow baby!!:)

A day with Jane

Monday we got to spend the day with sweet friends. Hudson has always called Lucy Jane "Jane Jane" but he has recently decided to just call her Jane!
They were so excited to see each other! They played so good that Hilary & I got to enjoy a nice quiet lunch while they played! If Lucy Jane got out of his site for a second he was running up to me saying " mom where my Jane go?!" So sweet!
Leave it to my kid to pick his nose and say cheese at the same time;)
Little cuties walking together at target. We always end up at target for some reason?!
And we ended the day just splashing in some big puddles! One or two of these kids may have wound up half naked in the puddle!! But it sure was fun:))

Saturday, June 15, 2013

9 weeks

Can't believe this girl is 9 weeks already!!
We go for shots next week and I am just dreading it:( 
She is growing fast even though she is still a tiny little thing:)
She is a rock star sleeper! 12 hours easy! I had to wake her up at 9 this morning because the rest of us were ready to get our day started:)
Hudson is still very intrigued with her. He has started telling her she's pretty every time I get her dressed. Training this boy right ladies;)
 We love our baby sissy!:)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Potty talk

Well my boy is officially potty trained!!! About a week after Analyn was born he woke up one day and said "I will pee pee on the potty". Which I couldn't believe because he acted like you were a crazy person if you even mentioned the word potty before! He started that morning and never went back to a diaper! Couldn't have asked for anything easier!

Boy potty training was way different than with Kinley.

I never thought I would pull over on the side of the road because he really wanted to pee on those "pretty rocks" he saw.

I never knew I would be holding him in the air in bathrooms while trying to aim it into the bowl & praying I don't get any pee on my shoes.

I never thought I would have a child that yells "mom I'm done doing the nasty!" When he's done going number 2! Did I mention he does this on public restrooms as well?!? People laugh so hard when they hear him but I'm sure others are thinking what on earth?!

I never thought I would have a child that greeted a worker at Chicfila by saying "hi I put poo poo in your potty."

I never thought I would be mopping & scrubbing a bathroom hourly!!!!! Boys are born with NO AIM!!!! No matter if he stands sits or crouches something is going to be on the floor. 

He's like a dog marking his territory he MUST go in every bathroom we pass no matter if he really needs to go or not. He will squeeze out a few drops just to say he went there! 
Oh and did I mention baby boxer briefs are about the cutest thing ever made?!

     Super proud of my big boy!!!:)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Branson again.

We find ourselves in Branson a lot! It's an easy drive for a low key getaway & that's just what we needed this weekend! Did the usual Ate. Shopped. Relaxed. Ate some more. Slept. Our usual routine;) 
Hudson really enjoyed the light show at the landing. And this was Analyn's first of many trips there I'm sure! I love a little family time when there are no distractions. I feel like I miss out on a lot sometimes because I'm too busy doing silly things that can truly wait. So being away like this with no house to clean or laundry to do really just allows me to relax and enjoy my sweet family!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Petting Zoo

Hudson has a deep obsession for animals and all the sounds they make. So what better place to take him than a petting zoo where he can run wild with them:).
So glad Daddy has a few days off to spend with us. Hudson just thinks his daddy can do no wrong. I cherish their relationship. 
This creature was a stalker. He followed us the entire time. We were all a little creeped out by him!
Love me some zebras!
This little guy followed us too. But him I didn't mind so much;)
Me with my two little loves. Kinley would rather sleep in than go to the Hackett petting zoo. Teenagers!;)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hey sissy hey!!

We laugh daily at how Hudson talks to Analyn. He talks to her in the funniest voice without even opening his mouth! Brandon jokes that he will be a ventriloquist when he grows up! 

This morning was no different he was all in her face. Saying "hey sissy hey!!" And "hiiiiiiiii baby sissy you tiny!"
Well apparently she had enough because she projectiled spit up right in his face!!! He was disgusted!!! He yelled "sissy put nasty in my mouth!!!" I was laughing hysterically. Analyn was smiling:)
Got him all cleaned up and now he keeps saying "sissy you nasty!!" But of course that doesn't stop him from having to hold her.:)