Friday, June 21, 2013

Good as gold.

"Make new friends but keep the old.
Some are silver but some are gold." That's a little saying my grandma use to tell me when I was younger. And it's so true! you make lots of friends over the course of a lifetime. Some are for a season but some are forever. And these three girls have been by my side over 20 years! Crazy! I don't even feel old enough to be able to say that!!! Oh the stories we could tell on each other ;)) 

Colette lives in Florida now so I'm so glad we can all get together when she comes in. We have 10 kids between the 4 of us so we thought it was best we just meet at the mall so the kids could play. It was so nice to enjoy dinner and just talk & laugh.  It felt like high school all over again. Well except maybe when I looked at the time & realized it was 8:00 & thought man I have got to get home it's late! Lol Love our time together. And treasure these friendships so!!
Love how all our wild kids love each other too!!

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