Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Water park day.

One of our sweet friends Harper turned four yesterday and we got to celebrate with him at the Alma waterpark. Kinley had plans to go get mani/pedis with a few friends so I decided to let grandma watch Analyn so I could have a day with just my boy:)
He had a blast!!! All day long he kept asking "is it waterpark time yet?!" Next time I won't tell him until its time to go! Lol
He loved when the elephants sprayed water.
He got a little braver by the minute! Which is a tad scary bc he is so fast!
I had to jump in at one point bc he jumped in with no floatie!!! By the end of the day he was going down the slide yelling don't catch me momma!!
Loved spending the day with my little man! He just melts my heart and cracks me up daily!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The little things.

We had a great week full of tiny moments that make me realize how blessed I am.
We splashed in puddles and played in the rain.
We tried some new walking trails while Kinley was at XC practice. 
Analyn wasn't sure what to think about the Bjorne!
My boy doing some arts & crafts. He loves a sticker!
We did a little shopping and running around. Also met some great friends for lunch.
And I got a lot of snuggle time with my baby girl:)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bubba lovin

Yesterday after church Hudson said " I need to hold sissy now!" So I got her out of her carseat and gave her to him.
He then started patting her telling her she's all better now that she's out of that seat. Which she wasn't crying or upset but I guess he just thought she needed out:)
He then told me I could take a pretty picture if I wanted! This boy just cracks me up:) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sweet memories

Another week has came and went! We had such a fun week just visiting with friends. Playing outside. And of course watching Thomas the train!
Hudson loved holding baby kaylor! After spending the day with the four little ones Kinley said she may not have kids! Lol but if she does she's going to bring them to me to feed and burp them because she hates that part. Which I gladly said ok;)
I should be ashamed at the amount of Popsicles we consume!!
We call this "the look" Analyn gives it to Hudson often!
Little family fun night at the park!
And oooooh this tiny princess is cute!!! Little miss just melts my heart:))
This girl loves her sleep!! 
Wish I slept as soundly as she did!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thank you iPhone.

While my phone is a distraction sometimes it is also very beneficial! Love catching pictures so easy of the kids. So here's our week in iPhone pics:)
He said "just one mama" when I asked him to pose for a pic & that is the expression I got!

 He loves a salt shaker!!!
Baby sissy just smiled laughed and cooed all week. Getting a little voice on her.
We did our monthly grocery shopping. Meals are planned until August 16th. Woo hoo!!!
Had to wear daddy's hat:)
Ended our week at church where Hudson made me this "yellow Jesus"! Ha
Sleeping thru a mops planning mtg.
And finally my big and my little patiently waiting on daddy to finish up at best buy.

Monday, July 8, 2013

3 months

Well the tiny princess is 3 months old today! She's just a good laid back baby. She never cries unless she's hungry. And if she's hungry you better get that bottle ASAP! She might be small but the temper is fierce!;)
Still sleeps great 12-14 hours at night.
She weighed 10lbs 3oz at her two month check up and had grown two inches since last month. She's 80% in length and 35% in weight. Long and skinny! 
The smiles and coos are the sweetest sound. I just love getting her out of bed in the morning because she's so happy and smiley:))

Grown up.

How is it possible my baby is 14?!? Everyone says enjoy the baby phase it goes fast but they should tell you enjoy ages 8-12 because they fly by!!! That's when they get involved in sports, activities, more things at school and friends. I feel like I blinked at age 8 and she turned 14! Permit soon. Driving in two years. Then graduating high school in three. How on earth is that possible??
She wanted a pool party and funfetti cupcakes. So that is exactly what she got:) All she asked for was an iPhone. I told her she probably wasn't getting one. Then we surprised her by telling her we needed to run to best buy to get something for the computer but then told her to go pick out a case for her new phone! She was so excited!:)
She's a great kid who loves The Lord and her family with all her heart. I seriously couldn't ask anything more from her. Not sure how I got so lucky with her but I am so so thankful I'm her mom.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding bells.

We spent part of our 4th of July going to my little brothers wedding! That doesn't even seem right?! I feel like he's still a teenager even though he's 24! The wedding was outdoor at 1pm AKA Nap time! I was worried how the kids would do but they did great!!
Hudson blew bubbles through the entire ceremony. He also YELLED "there's a bee!!" But thankfully that was right before the ceremony began.
Little Miss snoozed thru most of it.
He was pumped to find skittles on the table! 
He wanted to dance with the bride too!
Actually got a picture with all 5 us semi looking and smiling in the same direction!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Moving right along...

Life is getting busy with three kidos.
Little miss went to the nursery at church for the first time. They said she did great:)
After church snuggles!
Pretty sure she loves how much her bubba loves on her;)
Can't turn my back for a second!!!
Big sister got braces!!!! 
Age gap has no hindrance on their bond!

Loving this crazy life. Couldn't ask for anything more!