Monday, April 18, 2011

Shot's for everyone!

First off happy 6 months to my sweet Hudson James!!! Love love love that baby:) Today he had to get his 6 month shots and Kinley had to get her shots for 7th grade. Yes you read that right a 6 month old & a soon to be 7th grader!!! I cannot believe she is almost in junior high...Scary!!! lol So off this morning to the doctor's office we went no tears from Kinley hooray! I would have cried it was a big 'ol needle! Then 3 shots for Hudson he didn't cry until the last one & then he belted it LOUD! So one hour, 5 band-aids, 2 sickers, a book, and a sucker later & we were out of there, thank goodness! On the way back to school Kinley asks if I can write her a note saying she can't write for the day because her arm hurts? Uh no mam' you can suck it up! mean mommy!;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March madness!!!

Seems like March just flew by!!! It was a very busy month for us seems like we had something going on everyday this last month. Three great days for our family this past March was first our anniversary, then we had Hudson dedicated at Church, then Kinley was baptized that next Sunday! All just huge milestones in the Hardcastle house:)  You all know I'm a big ol' cry baby so I won't even try to describe the feelings I had when Kinley was baptized because honestly there just are none that do that feeling justice!  So I will just save myself the tears & share some pictures instead. ;)

" I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth." 3 john 1:4