Friday, February 28, 2014

Cold weather

We have just had a COLD winter!!! So on the days where it wasn't snowing or icy we have tried to get out of the house!! There are only so many activities & cartoons you can do in your house before going stir crazy!
Hudson woke up one day to the sun shining and he told me, mom I want to see real friends and a playground today! So that's exactly what we did. We met Mary, Becky and Sarah at the mall for lunch and playtime.
Some of the kids. Thankful for these sweet friends. The kids all got along great and had so much fun. They played for hours. I was pretty wore out from chasing my wild girl all over the place. I swear she is the fastest crawler EVER!!!
Love how they play with each other. Melts a momma heart.

Gym time

Today I took the littles to open gym. They had a blast! Momma did to;) 
The foam pit was our fav:))
He could stay in there for hours!!!
I may have shown him how to use the horse...I also may have a bruise to prove it!;)
Hudson with his buddy Brylen. Don't let these two shy boys fool you they are quite a mess!:)
Little sis enjoyed herself as well. She really thinks she is bigger than she is. She tried to do everything brother did. I think we have a future gymnast in her:)