Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter traditions

One of my favorite things to do with my kids is color eggs. Just fun for everyone. 
So my mom and sister came to over to help.
Tori and Kinley both took their egg coloring very seriously;)
We also decorated egg shaped cookies. Hudson had a blast. I love activities where all my kids can enjoy the same thing. 
Our finished product. Hudson is so proud of all his "reaster eggs" he made. I love hearing him say reaster, just cracks me up! 

Love holiday traditions with my little family.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just fishin'

My little sweetie asked daddy to take him fishing last week. So you know we had to load up and go on daddy's next day off!
Hudson was so excited to catch his fish! He had been talking all week about catching a little fish. He did not want a big one only a baby one:)
Little Sis did not what to think when I took off her bow and replaced it with her hat! She took her paci out of her mouth and said uh-oh! 

Love my little sweeties and making memories with them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The ONE party.

Well it happened. My baby turned one. It's a little harder to let go of baby phase when it might be your last. 
Here she is on her birthday. All smiles:)
Her cookie cake. We had a few of her baby friends over to celebrate.
Kaylor came down to see his girl. Can't believe how tiny they were and now they are just all over the place.
Her cake for her family party. It was cute on the outside for sure. But it was the best tasting cake I have ever had! Kim will definitely be making all of our cakes from now on!
Her sweet onesie. 
She wasn't to sure about opening presents. Good thing big brother was there to help.
She was in a pretty serious mood. Which is odd for her. She's usually pretty full of spunk!
She just melts me. Every single thing. She has my heart. And with each child you think how could I love any more than I do now. Then when the next baby comes your heart just opens more than you thought possible. I am one blessed momma and I pray that I take the time to soak up every minute I can with my babies.

Happy Birthday my sweet Analyn Kate!  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break

I struggled with it but I let Kinley go on her first trip without any family. She went to Colorado skiing with a sweet family that we love.
This is the picture she sent me saying we made it! Just gorgeous! The girls and the scenery:)
They had a blast on the slopes everyday. They also swam a lot. Can you imagine being in a pool surrounded by snow?!

We missed her a lot but glad she had a good time!