Monday, October 28, 2013

What filled our week

Tiny princess still hates all forms of baby food. Baby cereal. Apple sauce. If it comes from a spoon she hates it!But give that girl real food and she's happy! She really enjoyed gnawing on a breadstick! She loved a banana but refused to eat a puréed banana! This girl may be picky like momma!!
I let Hudson dig apart an entire pumpkin. The mess was catastrophic! I'm still finding seeds random places in my kitchen! But hey he had fun and that's all that matters:)
One of his favorite things to do is check the mail. But when did he get big enough to do it himself?!
And last but not least we had a great time at the fall festival. Hudson really enjoyed picking up ducks and playing ring toss.

13.1 for Kinley

A few weeks ago Kinley heard my Motherinlaw and sister inlaw talking about running the half marathon they had been training for. Kinley chimes in and says hey I'll run that with you. So she did! 
She didn't really have any time to train. The furthest she had ever ran was around 7 miles and that was a week before the race! I was so worried about her running that far but she did it like it was a piece of cake!
She finished in 2:03 with a pace of 9.27 a mile. She said it was easy and wanted to do a full!!! Crazy girl! 
She was super excited about her medal and her great accomplishment! She was the youngest to run the race. I am one very proud momma!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

He's 3!!!!!

I cannot believe my baby boy is 3! Words can't even begin to describe how much I love this kid! He cracks me up hourly! His sense of humor is just like mine! Which means we are usually the only two laughing because no one else would think its funny! 
On his birthday morning I made him peanut butter pancakes. And of course his monster truck "needed" to take a ride across his plate! Did I mention he was ONEREY?! But I wouldn't have it any other way!
He is a great big brother! So caring and sweet to his "tiny princess"! He's a good little brother too! He pesters his big sis an drives her crazy but he also loves her more than anything! Every morning while she's getting ready for school he reminds her don't forget you lunch Kinley you will be hungry!
He got to hang out with his cousins at his family party. He talks about Ty and Baby E all the time. The boys were wild but what can you expect with kids that are 6 months apart! In a few years I doubt we will be able to keep up with them!
Hidson James you have brought more joy and laughter to my life than I had ever imagined!! These 3 years have been great and I'm thankful for every minute that I get to be your momma!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday week!!!

It is midway thru my baby mans birthday week and he is on celebration #2! You get a full on week in the Hardcastle house;))

Tuesday we celebrated with the kids at school by taking cookies we baked then his favorite snack of choice-fruit snacks.

Today we had his friends over for pizza & cookies! 8 mommas and 12 kidos. It was quite the party!!! Noise MESSES and lots of cookies and juice boxes! 
Opening some of his awesome gifts!
We have the BEST friends! Hudson has great little buddies and all their mommas are just the best of friends to me. We are blessed with some great people in our lives!
After most guests had left we finally talked these 4 into sitting down long enough for a picture.
Hudson loves to hold his baby kaylor.

So bummed I didn't get a picture of all the kids:( but that might have been an impossible task! But for that many kids around the same age they all got along great! I love having a house full of kids even when it's wild- strange I know! There is blue and orange icing over every inch of my house but my baby boy keeps saying "I love my dirtday with friends" so it is well well worth the mess!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Kelly Stamps spoke at our mops group this week. I love reading her blog. So it was nice to be able to meet her in person.
This is the steering team with her.

I had forgotten that I had signed up to bring a sweet until late that night. I had NOTHING!!! Everything I wanted to make I was missing one small ingredient. I was determined not to go to the store. So I had tried making s'mores brownies. All I was missing was 2 tbsps of baking powder. Soooo I made them without it. I mean really how could such a tiny flavorless ingredient make a big difference.
It does!!!! These things were pitiful! I of course didn't take them!! Thankfully my mom just ran to cvs before she got to the church and bought me something to take! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Small town fun

My sweet Aunt put together a breast cancer awareness festival at our town square. Walgreens sponsers it but she does all the work getting it ready. And she did a great job!
They had tons of trucks for the kids to explore. Hudson's fav was of course the fire truck. We spent some time in that rig exploring every inch.
He asked what every button did and he listened intently as they explained.
There were several bounce arounds and inflatable slides to play on.
The day started off rainy and cool but ended up sunny and hot! We cooled off with many cups of pink lemonade.
This boy was drenched in sweat and smelled like it to!! All signs of a happy almost 3 year old boy!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just another Monday

Big sis got her bottom braces on Monday.
Why on earth I made an 8am appointment is beyond me?! To get all of us ready bags packed and of course had to bake the girls at the office some yummy treats and get out the door by 7:40 was a tad wild.
But of course I managed to snap a few pics in the chaos:)
Got sissy back to school then home to play with these two wild things! Mornings like that where I have to rush from the second I wake up really wear me out!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Smarty pants

Well Miss Kinley was inducted to the National Junior Honors society last week. 
As they were walking in ceremony music was playing and I may have teared up a bit?! This year just has me a tad sad. I mean 9th grade??? It's practically college  to a mama heart! 
She may get a tad embarrassed at how loud I clap and cheer for her but she will always know I'm her biggest fan!:)
This the start of her high school transcript and I already couldn't be prouder!