Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday week!!!

It is midway thru my baby mans birthday week and he is on celebration #2! You get a full on week in the Hardcastle house;))

Tuesday we celebrated with the kids at school by taking cookies we baked then his favorite snack of choice-fruit snacks.

Today we had his friends over for pizza & cookies! 8 mommas and 12 kidos. It was quite the party!!! Noise MESSES and lots of cookies and juice boxes! 
Opening some of his awesome gifts!
We have the BEST friends! Hudson has great little buddies and all their mommas are just the best of friends to me. We are blessed with some great people in our lives!
After most guests had left we finally talked these 4 into sitting down long enough for a picture.
Hudson loves to hold his baby kaylor.

So bummed I didn't get a picture of all the kids:( but that might have been an impossible task! But for that many kids around the same age they all got along great! I love having a house full of kids even when it's wild- strange I know! There is blue and orange icing over every inch of my house but my baby boy keeps saying "I love my dirtday with friends" so it is well well worth the mess!


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