Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Water park day.

One of our sweet friends Harper turned four yesterday and we got to celebrate with him at the Alma waterpark. Kinley had plans to go get mani/pedis with a few friends so I decided to let grandma watch Analyn so I could have a day with just my boy:)
He had a blast!!! All day long he kept asking "is it waterpark time yet?!" Next time I won't tell him until its time to go! Lol
He loved when the elephants sprayed water.
He got a little braver by the minute! Which is a tad scary bc he is so fast!
I had to jump in at one point bc he jumped in with no floatie!!! By the end of the day he was going down the slide yelling don't catch me momma!!
Loved spending the day with my little man! He just melts my heart and cracks me up daily!

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