Monday, July 8, 2013

Grown up.

How is it possible my baby is 14?!? Everyone says enjoy the baby phase it goes fast but they should tell you enjoy ages 8-12 because they fly by!!! That's when they get involved in sports, activities, more things at school and friends. I feel like I blinked at age 8 and she turned 14! Permit soon. Driving in two years. Then graduating high school in three. How on earth is that possible??
She wanted a pool party and funfetti cupcakes. So that is exactly what she got:) All she asked for was an iPhone. I told her she probably wasn't getting one. Then we surprised her by telling her we needed to run to best buy to get something for the computer but then told her to go pick out a case for her new phone! She was so excited!:)
She's a great kid who loves The Lord and her family with all her heart. I seriously couldn't ask anything more from her. Not sure how I got so lucky with her but I am so so thankful I'm her mom.

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