Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Potty talk

Well my boy is officially potty trained!!! About a week after Analyn was born he woke up one day and said "I will pee pee on the potty". Which I couldn't believe because he acted like you were a crazy person if you even mentioned the word potty before! He started that morning and never went back to a diaper! Couldn't have asked for anything easier!

Boy potty training was way different than with Kinley.

I never thought I would pull over on the side of the road because he really wanted to pee on those "pretty rocks" he saw.

I never knew I would be holding him in the air in bathrooms while trying to aim it into the bowl & praying I don't get any pee on my shoes.

I never thought I would have a child that yells "mom I'm done doing the nasty!" When he's done going number 2! Did I mention he does this on public restrooms as well?!? People laugh so hard when they hear him but I'm sure others are thinking what on earth?!

I never thought I would have a child that greeted a worker at Chicfila by saying "hi I put poo poo in your potty."

I never thought I would be mopping & scrubbing a bathroom hourly!!!!! Boys are born with NO AIM!!!! No matter if he stands sits or crouches something is going to be on the floor. 

He's like a dog marking his territory he MUST go in every bathroom we pass no matter if he really needs to go or not. He will squeeze out a few drops just to say he went there! 
Oh and did I mention baby boxer briefs are about the cutest thing ever made?!

     Super proud of my big boy!!!:)

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  1. Hilarious!! Did you think him or Kinley were easier?? I thought Piper was pretty easy. Wondering what I am looking forward to.. :)