Thursday, February 17, 2011

No nap bender!!!

   Well Mr. Hudson has been protesting naps alllllll week! Yes this sweet little angel has not had a nap since Sunday morning in the church nursery. But  he hasn't been cranky so I've let it slide;) So needless to say I have not gotten anything done around the house this week. So I must start on the laundry soon! We have taken several strolls around the neighborhood enjoying this nice weather! This boy just loves to be outside. We also made a trip to Target, Hudson's 1st time there, he loved it! Actually I think he just loved all the bright lights. I had a great time there to I just love to go look around. I was very proud of myself I got some groceries, diapers, formula, and razors my total was $58.96 then turned in my large stack of coupons and it was $15.83!!! That is probably my favorite thing about target is that you can double coupon there & get a ton of stuff for free or for just a few cents!!! Hudson is starting to give me the eye from across the room so I guess it's bottle time!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your time with that SWEET little boy!
    That is such a good deal at target! WOW!