Saturday, August 18, 2012

22 months.

Oh my dear sweet boy you are growing up!!!

You say: that, these, those, this.
Cracks me up to hear you say these words because they just seem like big people words!!!

You melt my heart when you touch my face and say "ohh I wuv (love) you mommy"

You refer to us as mommy & daddy now. Sweetest words ever.

At bedtime you say praise for daddy praise for sissy maymen!

You are obsessed with choo choo's! You told me yesterday you smelled a choo choo!

You can name every part of your body right down to your stinky toes!:)

You just say more & more sentences every day. The baby jabber is slowly fading and it's becoming this little boy spouting this big boy talk.

You saw a picture of yourself as a baby and you said "aww dats baby Hudson!"

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