Saturday, February 18, 2012

16 months!

Well I have tried to stop it....but Hudson just keeps getting bigger!!! Everyday is just an adventure with this wild child and I love it!

Seeing him run is about the cutest thing ever.

He poses every time he sees me whip out the camera- such a ham!

He calls me Mum! Not sure where he picked up his british accent!! If he wants food he will say momma but other than that I'm happily referred to as Mum:)

His favorite food is mandarin oranges.

LOVES to play ball!

Kinley is probably his favorite person on this earth and I'm ok with that;) his eyes are just full of love when he sees his sissy! When he tries to say Kinley it comes out like Kinny.

These are just a few of the Hudson stats for the month:)

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