Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My oh my...

Do you ever have those day where everything goes wrong?! Well that was today for me!!! Thankfully I have an awesome best friend who always knows how to make me laugh( even if it is laughing at my own silly mistakes Lol).

I have spilled applesauce everywhere then shoved it up Hudson's nose!

I almost got ran over by a cement truck only to then almost get blown off the road by a semi!

Hudson had an allergic reaction to his MMR shot & has spots all over his sweet face, which has me distraught!!!

We went to eat & they forgot to cook my food!

The buttons on my shirt even got tangled in the strings on my couch pillows and ripped it!

And this is just some of the small things! The list just goes on and on!!! Glad I had Amber with me, who made me laugh at all of these things today. Otherwise it could have been a rough day!!!

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