Sunday, June 8, 2014

This crazy life.

Analyn had her first trip to the sugar shack. (Our family obsession May-August) It's safe to say she loved it.
She also had her first encounter with Bliss cupcakes this side of the womb. She throughly enjoyed it as well. She really loved the frosting shot that big sis gave her.
They weren't pumped about grocery shopping this day. Can ya tell??
A little snack at the Target cafe.
Just going over dad's W-2's from previous years.
When teething strikes (7 teeth at once I might add!) you do whatever it takes to keep them happy. Even dipping pb straight out of the jar with their tiny baby fingers.
She was less than thrilled being "trapped" she's much more of a go-er than a watcher.
We had Popsicles for breakfast one day. He loved me a lot that day.;)
And if I teach my kids nothing else they will know it's ok to not sweat the small stuff and just dance in the rain. It all dries out in the end.;)

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