Friday, June 20, 2014

Life is busy. And messy.

Life lately has been a whirlwind of going going going. And cleaning up mess after mess. But I love it!
Dinner time is always a mess. No question. She could eat a pea and still find a way to get it all over her.
Dinner out is interesting. The girl loves to eat. What she doesn't love is waiting for her order to get to the table. Or sitting still. And obviously we haven't mastered table manners yet. #nofeetonthetable
These were in the pantry on the second shelf. The pantry door was closed. I go to the bathroom for less than two minutes and come back to this! She's lucky she's so cute:))
Then there was this... Yes a bicycle air pump in my toilet. This has happened to other moms right?!? I went to put laundry up in the bathroom and found it. Both littles laughed when I showed them. Neither confessed. Hudson said it was a tree and it grew there. Analyn just had her devilish grin.
The boy asked to wash his hands. But it turned into a sink over flowing with bubbles. I decided to let it go and let him play in it. It keep him occupied for about 20 minutes. That's definitely worth a little water on the counter to me.
He can never just have a few of anything out. It's all or nothing in every aspect of his life. So that's about 250 tiny foam stickers. It's quite possible Analyn ate one.. 

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