Thursday, July 3, 2014

Little things.

My kids just love target. As does mommy:)
I tried to trick Hudson by getting him a fruit smoothie instead of his normal icee. He drank it all then told me he was ready for his icee since he drank his fruit. 
My baby girl has just had a time lately. Teething. Cold. Allergies. Bruised cheek.
She got a tiny bruise right on the corner of her eye. Surprisingly it was gone in a day or two.
One day we went to the library for story time. Hudson mainly just wants to go play rather than listen to the story. We fed the ducks afterwards. He just loves all kinds of animals.
I had an open can of snacks sticking out of my diaper bag that some ducks flew over and grabbed out of the bag. That was a little tramatic for us all!
And I can't even talk about this girl turning ONE! She is my baby!! This year has just went way too fast!

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