Saturday, July 5, 2014


We enrolled the kids in the summer bowling program since it's something our whole family can do. Well Miss A is a tad small for it but she gives it her all. She also enjoys all the food at the snack bar:))
She finished all of her juice and was asking if she could move on to brothers cup.
Of course right when I put the car in park in the bowling alley parking lot it came a monsoon! As we were running in Analyn threw her bow off. So I had to make a mad dash back into the rain to get it!
Hudson had a blast! He was so excited and could barely wait his turn. If any lane was left unattended for even a second you could bet he would try throwing a ball down it.
This was as still he could be when I asked for a smile.
Kinley was pretty pumped about her spare she got.
Hudson and Paisley beat the big girls.
Which Hudson had to tell everyone he saw that he was the bowling champion! Ha

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