Saturday, May 12, 2012

Table manners

Friday night we decided to go out to eat and we ended up eating Mexican (our fav!). Well they sat us at a booth where Hudson was about 6 inches away from the table and three inches to low. I was feeling brave so I just tossed him in the booth with me. it was going great at first he was eating his chips & cheese dip so well, saying tank to momma (thank you) for every chip or drank I gave him. Then came the food...we had ordered fajitas. Hudson was very intrigued by the smoking plate! So much so that he yelled ME BITE, meaning give it to me now!!! Lunging across the table he lands his entire belly in his plate of beans followed by one had in the chip basket and the other in the salsa!!! Massive mess!!!! Of course I only had two wipes and no spare clothes! But Hudson didn't let that ruin his dinner he just grabbed a chip scooped the beans off his shirt and ate them!! Never a dull moment these days!!! He and I were both a raging mess by the end of dinner but he did say thank you, said his food was good then wiped his mouth by himself. His table manners have a ways to go but for a 1 year old I think he's doing pretty good;)


  1. HILARIOUS!! I just had to share this story with my mom & Beau. Man I can't wait to have a boy! LOL!

  2. Oh yes Becky you are going to LOVE having a messy wild sweet mommas boy:)!