Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Mother's day ever!!

Today was jammed packed from the minute we woke up we have been on the go! First my sweet family surprised me with a wonderful gift:) then a great church service followed by a huge lunch with awesome desserts! Then we headed up the hill for a birthday party for one of our favorite girls!

But it wasn't the gifts or being catered to or spending the day by the pool that made it the best. It was Kinley.

She has always had a big heart but she really just made me so proud today. She insisted on buying my mom this razorback shirt that my mom had mentioned she wanted. I said no babe I've already got her something. She said ya but I want to buy her this with my money because she always gets me stuff. So I course I then said ok but I will pay for it don't spend your money. But she INSISTED!!! Then she wrote a letter to Brandon's mom that brought tears to my eyes. It was just the most heart felt loving letter I have ever read. I couldn't ask for anything more from her, she makes being a mom so amazing. So seeing my baby girl be this heartfelt giving loving caring person is without a doubt the best gift I received this Mother's day! Some days I wonder how she turned out so great!?

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  1. That is so sweet! She is just like her momma! Love your kids!!!