Saturday, May 19, 2012

19 months...

Oh Hudson James I cannot believe you are 19 months old!!!

You weigh around 23 pounds maybe a little more.

Your favorite food is pizza! I can put anything on a pizza crust & you will eat it! Squash, zucchini, kale! You name it! If it has bread, cheese, and pizza sauce you are good to go.

You LOVE anything outdoors! I have a feeling it will be a long hot summer for us!

You can say a few new sentences now:
I go with Dada. (you love doing anything with dada!)

I do it please. You say this all the time because there are something's you must do yourself or you get mad!

You also just started saying "no no" oh my word not even two and your already telling me no!

You love your cousin Easton! You just light up when you see him! Yelling baby eas! You are so gentle and sweet with him to:)

Loving every minute with this little man! He just gets sweeter by the day and maybe more ornery and rambunctious to!;)

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