Thursday, November 21, 2013


Tiny princess had her 6 month check up. Still tiny:) just long and skinny! She's pretty much nothing but legs!
And boy does she know how to use those legs!!! She goes everywhere! She tried pulling up on our bathroom door and it swung open and got her eye:( Resulting in her first baby boo boo.
And this boy is wilder than EVER!!! He's always been a pretty easy kid. But he's turned 3 and the switch was flipped to full on rough wild loud onrey boy and it's never went back!!! 
Don't let this innocent picture fool you times have been wild at the Hardcastle house! Many spankings and sessions in the corner. None of which seem to phase him!
And the teenager well she's happy when you give her mcdonalds. She had to have a snack during our two store shopping trip or she might just starve to death!
Again pure sweetness for this pic. Only lasted a minute before Hudson stood up and did a full on wrestlers power drive right onto kinleys stomach.
Ahhh sweet nap time... Also know as the only time mom can go to the bathroom without an audience.

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