Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Analyn Kate

Never thought I would have a blue eyed baby! But I do:) love her bright blues!She loves playing in the pantry just like Hudson did. 
I think she just looks like a baby doll in this picture! 
She is PICKY!!! I tried every baby food you could imagine. Store bought. Home made. Baby cereals. Applesauce. But she HATES them all.
But she loved biscuits and gravy!! So I guess we will just skip baby food and move on to the good stuff! I think it's a texture thing. She won't eat banana baby food but will eat almost an entire banana.
She took a good nap after getting her belly full at Cracker Barrel:)
She loves her daddy and that warms my heart!!! She says dada! My first kid who didnt say mama first. Guess I can't be too mad since he's a pretty awesome daddy;)

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