Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ugly sweater love.

Melissa and Kristen had their annual chrsitmas party Tuesday. So much fun!!! We took a little trip to savers so I could find the perfect ugly sweater.
Found this little gem. It was deceiving because it has pumpkins and apples on it but the bear is wearing a Christmas sweater and skirt. I guess when you shell out big bucks on nice sweaters you want it to last you from fall to Christmas?!
So I just used my glue gun to jazz it up a bit. Added a little joy from my wrapping paper. Glued some presents on there. And glued a mini Christmas tree ornament over the apple tree. Oh and did I forget to mention the bears skirt lifted up?! So of course I had to add a little holiday cheer to her underwear;)
I told the girls I was going to write ho ho ho. But thought it might be a tad risqué!
We had to "sell" our shirts to win. So happy jade was able to catch me modeling my awesome sweater in this lovely pose. Proud of my ugly sweater it one first prize. It was close though. Erin's cat sweater was fierce!
These ladies are so fun! Thankful for their friendship.

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