Friday, November 8, 2013

What filled our week

Two of my sweet friends came over to help me paint for an upcoming mops project.
These kids were great! They all just played while us mommas painted 150 pieces of wood! Hudson loved being the older kid for once. He may have enjoyed bossing Paxton a little too much;)
My hope is for us to make 2x4 pumpkins similar to this. I'm bad with getting big craft ideas in my head because making one is simple but when you prep for 40+ women it gets a little time consuming! Thankful Becky and Mary came to help me. But they may never again after all the work I made them do! Ha
Me and little miss had to grocery shop in the rain! She's such the trooper.
Kinley def fills her role as big sis well. Hudson loves tunnels and bridges so Kinley just became a bridge for him.
Last night he yelled "Kinley hold me!" So of course she did! She told me to take a pic because it's rare he's that still for her.

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