Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hudson had his best Halloween yet! Tuesday he refused to wear his costume to school so I was worried he wouldn't wear it all! He told me no thanks you wear it every time I tried to put it on him:)
The night started like this! He kept trying to pull it off!! Put tow-mater back on the hanger he yelled! 
But after sissy told him how great he looked he was all about it! Kinley & her friend wore their boyfriends jerseys to be football players. Oh my so not ready for boyfriend days!!!!
The first house we went to had an adult dressed up in a horse costume that had blood red eyes that glowed! It was kinda freaky! It scared my poor huddy buddy. Every house we went to he said thank you for my more candy and that horse scared my eyes! He's still talking about how scared his eyes were;)
Sweet boy had a blast and big sis did to. Even though she's just in it for the candy;)

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