Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pinterest fail

I have gotten some great ideas off Pinterest. Great recipes. Crafts. Kids activities. 

Like this weeks mops craft 2x4 pumpkins turned out super cute.
Even cuter in person. This picture was of course after Hudson roughed up my perfectly tied ribbon. 

But last night was my first Pinterest FAIL. Kinley wanted her hair curly for school the next day. Her hair is so thick and heavy it just doesn't hold curl well. So we tried the headband curling pin... 
Took me 30 minutes to roll up all this hair!  She slept in it overnight. Then this morning I had a very sad teenager in my room! Those curls were tighter than michael Jackson's! Hilarious looking! (She wouldn't allow a pic!) and not only was it curly it was about 10 times it's normal WIDTH!!! It was hard for me to quit laughing long enough to fix it!
This was the after pic from the tutorial and I assure you it looked nothing close to this! So if anyone has any good hair curling tips I obviously need them:)

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