Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My oh my I have never been so thankful for bedtime as I am today! Hudson has three molars coming in and he has been wild as a buck today!!! I seriously have mega patience it really takes a lot to stress me out or work my nerves especially with kids BUT this son of mine has really tested it today! Nothing and I repeat nothing made him happy. So finally I tell Brandon can you please take him because momma needs a break! I told him how wild he had been and mean ( he has a new interest in pinching). As soon as Brandon takes him he is an angel!!! Clapping, dancing, saying awww Dada in the sweetest voice imaginable. Ugh.... Little stinker! I said it's almost like being in an abusive relationship- beats you up & mean when your alone but just angelic when other people are around!!! Haha

Oh but as wild and rough as this day has been I am still soooo thankful for my rascal. I can say that because he's sound asleep now. :)

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  1. What a sweet family you have! Blessed!! Love you guys!!