Monday, December 19, 2011

She strikes again:)

   When I opened the fridge this morning the first thing I saw was another sweet note from Kinley! Her thoughtfulness just makes my heart melt.....

Saturday we had Brandon's moms side of the family over for Christmas. We played the Mrs. Right family game and Kinley ended up with the grand prize, a $30.00 target gift card. She was so excited to spend it so we went last night. She insisted on buying us gifts! I told her no she won it so spend it on herself. She replied with Mom it's the season of GIVING not getting. And so she picked out Hudson and Brandon something then I made her buy herself something. She didn't want to because then she wouldn't have enough money for my gift but I told her the gift of her giving heart is the best present I could ask for! And boy do I mean it!!! As a mom there is nothing better than seeing your kids become the people you have dreamed they would be.

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