Friday, December 30, 2011

First night

Well I broke down and finally let Hudson stay the night away for the first time!! I know he's almost 16 months some people will think I'm crazy for just now letting him go then others will say it's still to soon but for this momma it was just right.

We met Brandon's parents for dinner then to the cookie company for dessert . As we were saying our goodbyes they said "oh why doesn't he just come with us" but we still loaded him up in the car with us, but once we got in the car I told B it was ok with me if it was him. So we called his parents & of course they were thrilled! Not gonna lie- I was sick to my stomach as I was dropping him off! Lol not that I was worried in the least about him, he had a blast! It's just something about leaving your baby for the first time.

For about the first hour at home without him we kept saying how weird it was not having him there but we managed. I broke out my new shark steam mop (AMAZING) did some laundry, vacuumed, and dusted. Then I watched the help, gave myself a little manicure and read a magazine. It was a nice peaceful relaxing night but I will def be glad to get my little man back in the morning!!!!


  1. Love it! Mabrie still hasn't been away from me for a night! Glad you had an evening with Brandon to just relax at home!

  2. How exciting!!! He is a little ham!!!