Monday, December 12, 2011


We got up Friday morning and headed to Branson, love it this time of year! We mainly just shopped and ate. I had hoped to get all my Christmas shopping done but we didn't:( did get some great deals though so that's always exciting!

This was Hudson's first night away from home. He did great!!! Perfect the entire time even in the car. It was also his first time to sleep in a pack & play. About 1 am he was screaming!!! He had somehow got stuck under the mattress!!! That scared me bc the matters is weighted so I just stuck him in bed with us. He & Brandon slept great. Me....not so much! Every time Brandon would snore loud Hudson would wake up & say Hi! Then lay back down. He also slept sideways no matter how many times I turned him around that little diaper booty was right back in my face.

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