Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh sweet Kinley...

There's no doubt my Kinley bug is sweet!!! But on days like this when she leaves me sweet notes before she goes to school just makes my heart melt!!! How did I get so lucky?!?

She is so much like me (bless her heart!). She is very tell it like it is, outspoken yet shy, and very firm in what she believes. So when she comes home Monday and tells me she kinda mentored someone I can only imagine??? But there is a boy in her class who was saying God wasn't real but Santa was. She proceeded to tell him everything she could think of to make him realize God was real. He fought her tooth and nail. She told me she was getting mad at the things he was saying so she had to walk away! But she left him with this one last tidbit

"Santa only gets a month but Jesus is 24/7 buddy!"

Oh my how I love her!!!

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