Friday, December 16, 2011

Bittersweet day...

The sweet-
  On this day 8 years ago Brandon & I got engaged!! Seems like yesterday;) On this day 6 years ago I told him I peaked at my ring and tried it on right before he purposed! Yup that's right I'm that bad! He went to the bathroom I jumped up searched thru his stuff and found it in his coat pocket:) and I don't feel bad about it in the least!

The bitter-
    On this day 4 years ago my Grandma passed away from Cancer. She suffered for 6 years with it and she finally let go. I believe she held on for my Grandpa because he just couldn't live without her yet. The week he told her it was okay that he would be fine, she passed. It's been this long & I still can't say I'm over this or that I accept it. I can't go in her house- just can't. She was so much more than my Grandma she was without a doubt here on this earth to save me and she did. Most of my happiest memories are wrapped up in her. She made everything an adventure or a craft:) I am more like her than anyone else I know. I  for sure have her sense of humor, weird, dry, and corny! She was that person for me that just always made you feel better or that everything was going to be okay. I remember calling her on one of the worst days of my life crying and she calmy said sweetie everything will be okay I'm praying for you. Instantly it was. I felt better. I could go on and on about her because she was just amazing to me. The only regret I have in this life is not spending more time with her...

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