Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First steps and a fat lip.

   Well this little cutie was sitting in the floor playing away as I was folding the laundry last week. Then all of a sudden he just stood up without pulling up on anything took two steps ( towards his sissy's room of course) I guess he realized what he was doing because he turned to look at me then face planted on our hardwood floor!!! Talk about a sad Momma!!! There was blood everywhere, I was in tears:( Not only does he take his first step and fall he hits his top teeth that haven't even been in for a month! Now at my old job I saw this everyday and told hundreds of mom's oh it's ok no big deal just let them eat popsicles to reduce swelling. But this was my poor sweet precious baby!  Good thing Kinley was there she kept saying "Mama it's not your fault"! Lol He hasn't tried to walk again, can't say I blame him!

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