Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Cheer time!

                                                     2011-2012 GJHS Cheerleaders!!!

    Kinley had cheer camp this week! These girls worked HARD in the gym all week & of course the one week we are there....the a/c goes out! But they didn't complain they worked hard and learned a lot!!! I cannot wait to see my baby girl cheer this year:)! There is just something about watching her do the same dances at the same field that I did them all those years ago! It takes all I have not to bust out it the fight song with them!! HAHA She would die of embarassment!

My favorite Cheerleader:)
             Hudson had a blast a cheer camp also;) He spent most of the week being loved on my all the girls! He especially loved that they all let him pull their ponytails! (his new favorite thing to do!) He just does not think bows belong in hair because he tries to yank them out every chance he gets;)!

He watched the girls so much he now sits in an "S" sit all the time! Lol

We had a busy but great week and can't wait to watch our sweet Kinley cheer on those Bulldogs!

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