Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisdom from Walgreens

   So several weeks ago Hudson & I were making our weekly run to Walgreens, Yes we go there every week I live such a glamorous life;). But anyways while we were shopping an elderly man stopped to play with Hudson he commented on how handsome he was then asked if I had a daughter? I said yes I do. He told me how lucky I was because once Hudson was grown I probably wouldn't see him that much!!! Ahhh did he know that he was talking to an emotional basket case!?!?! I mean really I can cry at the drop of a hat especially when it comes to my BABY!!!

 He said "A daughter is a daughter for life but a son is only a son until he takes a wife." He then proceeded to tell me how he has two boys and they rarely come to visit but his daughter comes often. He said that wives just naturally take over that parent roll for men and they just don't "need" their parents as much but girls always have that desire to make their parents happy.

             So I guess I will be raising me a big ol Mommas boy so that he will never leave me!!!! Haha


  1. Do you remember me talking about my neighbors from India and the grandma that was here visiting? When she first met me and found out I had 3 girls she said, "You lucky, very lucky!" "A daughter is a daughter for life, a son is a son until he finds a wife." But, then she also told me that I look like a college student, so she may have been a little wacko. HA! Don't you worry - Hudson will always love and cherish you - you are a wonderful mother!

  2. Haha Chrissy!!! Let's hope she is a wacko for my sake!!!lol